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About Pompeii-Food-And-Drink

Principal Researchers

Betty-Jo MayeskeBetty Jo Mayeske, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor in Humanities, University of Maryland, University College

Dr. Mayeske is the originator of the Pompeii Food and Drink Project. Currently she is teaching courses on Roman Republic and Roman Empire and Classical Cities at the University of Maryland. She has studied and worked im Pompeii for over 30 years and, among other activities, is a Board member of the Archaeological Institute of America, Washington DC society.

Bob CurtisRobert I. Curtis, Ph.D.
Professor of Classics, University of Georgia

Dr. Curtis has worked in Pompeii and Herculaneum since 1973 and has published articles and books on ancient food technology, garum production, Latin epigraphy, and Roman long-distance trade.
Benedict J. Lowe, Ph.D.Benedict J. Lowe, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Roman History
Dr. Lowe has taught at Maynooth University, the University of St. Andrews, Aarhus University, Western Oregon University and the University of Georgia.  Present and past fieldwork include sites in Roman Britain, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus and Spain.  Dr. Lowe has published books and articles on Spain, the Ancient Economy and Roman History.  His research focuses on the Western Mediterranean, in particular the economic history of the Iberian Peninsula and its incorporation into the Greco-Roman world.
Lisa Kahn, Ph.D.Lisa Kahn, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for the College of Visual and Performing Arts, George Mason University, Virginia.

Dr. Kahn has conducted archaeological investigation in Italy, Israel, Cyprus, France, and Portugal with specialization in material culture.  She has published on ancient beer; ancient glass; Greek kiln technology; and King Herod?s temple in Caesarea, Israel. She teaches courses on  History, Archaeology, Art History and Cultural Heritage Preservation.   Dr. Kahn is also an annual lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America.

Pompeii Street

Pompeii Street Showing Pedestrian Crosswalk

House of Julia Felix

House of Julia Felix

Pompeii-Food-And-Drink Staff (alphabetical order)

Our staff is a diverse group who bring a variety of skills and passions to the Project including photography, drawing, editing, computer database design, analysis methods, GIS analysis, and academic work in archaeology, anthropological archaeology, ancient history and classics.

Carlos Avila

Carlos Avila
Retired program specialist, assumes general management roles in several areas.

Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill
Architect, Wright Patterson AFB, has experience in Roman Tunisia, Pompeii. Drawing Team Mgr..

George Mayeske

George Mayeske, Ph.D.
Retired program evaluator & Research analyst for USDA and USDE, author of books on program design; advises on analysis methods, statistical sample formats, record keeping

Mary Meier

Mary Meier
MA in Anthropological Archaeology.  Tenured professor at Macomb Community College in Anthropology and Archaeology.  Directs Macomb County Historic Graves Project. Principal Researcher and Volunteer Coordinator.

Lee Payne

Lee Payne
BA, Univ. of So. CA. Professional newspaper photographer, author of travel articles and a book on airships. Leader of Photography Team.


Supreme god of the Roman pantheon and project protector (we hope).

Throughout all of our years we have received the support of the following Italian authorities: Profesoressa Teresa Elena Cinquantaquattro, Soprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei and previously Dottoressa Mariarosaria Salvatore and Dott. Pietro Giovanni Guzzo, retired Superintendents of Excavations, for authorizing our previous research in the scavi. Thanks also to Dott. Antonio Varone, and Dott. Antonio D'Ambrosio, former Directors of Excavations at Pompeii for their assistance in facilitating our work. Sig. A. Boccia and the custodians of the city have been responsive to our needs and afforded us every courtesy. Dottoressa Greta Stefani has offered us helpful advice and graciously conducted us through the exhibits at the Antiquarium in Boscoreale. As the new Director of Excavations at Pompeii, she authorized our 2014 season of work. We truly appreciate these courteous, collegial, and helpful responses to our project efforts. With great respect we acknowledge the fine effort and hard work of all associated with the protection and prosperity of ancient Pompeii.

We remember, too, the support of the purpose and content of this project by Prof. Emerita Wilhelmina Jashemski, who died on December 24, 2007. Her lifelong students, Betty Jo Mayeske and Robert Curtis continue her valuable work in Pompeii.

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