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Opportunities for Sponsors

If you or your company can sponsor a graduate student or volunteer to help the work of the Pompeii Food and Drink Project, please contact us at sponsorship@Pompeii-Food-and-Drink.org. All sponsors who provide $2500 or more will be acknowledged in our publications and brochures. Significant contributors will be authorized to use the logo of Pompeii-Food-and-Drink on products and/or corporate websites and corporate newsletters.

Why Is This Research Important?

The opportunity to engage in this research may soon disappear. Pompeii is one of 100 most endangered cultural sites listed by the World Monuments Fund. Pollution is rapidly causing the crumbling of stone structures, the fading of frescoes, and the destruction of magnificent mosaic floors.

In order to preserve the massive amount of collected information so that it can be analyzed and be made available to others, we are compiling a comprehensive electronic database: Food and Drink in Ancient Pompeii Codex. The database includes the structure address, floor plans, features shown in original drawings, video, and digital, color, black/white photographs. A printed guide will also be prepared. See our online demonstration of the database here. Please help us continue this important compilation of material.

More than 2 million tourists each year have further imperiled the site. And Vesuvius remains an active volcano; earthquakes are not uncommon. The Pompeii Food and Drink Project urgently needs to continue its research before valuable information and artifacts are irretrievably lost. Your generous sponsorship of our eighth year of on-site research in Pompeii will enable us to continue our work in 2019.

Ancient Mills and Oven, Pompeii

wall with embedded pots

Wall with embedded pottery

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