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Pompeii Area Attractions

Napes area map

Campanian Region

Modern Pompei (and the ancient city of Pompeii) are midway between Naples and Sorrento on the coast of the Gulf of Naples in the Campanian region of southern Italy. There are many wonderful sites nearby to Pompeii, both archaeological and cultural, as well as tourist attractions. For further information, visit ENIT, the Italian Government Tourism Board and the City of Pompei's official tourist information web site.

Useful Travel Links:

  • Ferrovie dello Stato: The website for the Italian Trains (regional, Inter-City (ICE) and Eurostar). A useful tool for checking train times but be advised they often change at the station.
  • Circumvesuviana train. Rates:Information on tickets, fees, subscriptions, forms connect to the site of Unico Campania.

Archaeolgical Sites Near Pompeii

The website maintained by the Soprintendenza di Pompeii describes the five sites affected by the eruption of 79 C.E. On afternoons and days when we are not working within the scavi, you may wish to visit the ruins of Pompeii on your own. You can book reservations for free tickets to visit locked buildings not otherwise open to the public via Arethusa.net (select Scavi Pompei and then Prenotazioni).

Hercules and Carlos, Naples MuseumNot to be missed is the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, which contains many frescos, mosaics, and artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Photo left is Hercules and Carlos from the Naples Museum. While in Naples, you can also take an underground tour of the ancient city.

Sites of archaeological interest north of Pompeii include Herculaneum, Torre del Greco, and Oplontis, the beautiful large villa of Poppea, wife of Emperor Nero, in Torre Annunziata. Stabiae and Boscoreale are south of Pompeii. These towns are all connected by the Circumvesuviana railroad from Naples to Sorrento.

Herculaneum dolia


Herculaneum Dolia

Herculaneum was destroyed along with Pompeii and only rediscovered in 1709. It was a residential town without Pompeii’s commercial importance, surrounded by the villas of wealthy Romans. When the catastrophe of 79 C.E. occurred, Herculaneum was buried by a torrent of mud that preserved many of the wooden parts of houses and household objects which can be seen today. The Roman-Empire.net has photos and text about Herculaneum written by visitors.

Tourist Areas near Pompeii




Incredible views of Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples are visible from Sorrento. It is a beautiful nearby city, directly on the Circumvesuviana line, and is a wonderful place to shop and to buy gelato and limoncello.


One of the famed towns of the Amlfi Coast, Ravello is famous for its villas, churches, and duomo, as well as for its renowed summer music festival, Festival di Ravello.

The Amalfi Coast can be traveled by local bus from Sorrento, stopping in seveal towns.

Green Grotto, CapriCapri, Green Grotto
Capri Capri


Beautiful Capri is reachable by ferry from Sorrento and Naples. The ferries in Sorrento, Naples, and Pozzuoli can transport you to the lovely islands of Ischia and Procida

Mount Vesuvius

From the city centre in Pompei, you can take a bus to The National Park and UNESCO Biosphere and, if the weather permits and you are fit, you can climb up the cone and peer into the crater.

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