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Team Member Application Form
Pompeii Food and Drink Project

Participants may sign up for one or two weeks.  The Pompeii Food and Drink Project will usually accept from 18 to 20 members per week.   All application information slots OK, except for choice of weeks.  June 21st to June 27 or June 28 to July 4.  Choose one or two weeks. The Pompeii Food and Drink Project will usually accept from 18 to 20 team members per week. Often by January, the project is full, and we begin a wait list. This season there will be an increase of $100.00 a week for those who register after Feb. 14th. These additional funds will be used to provide transportation for project members to sites outside of Pompeii. If the project is full, we will begin a waiting list and keep people informed. Questions? Contact Us.
First and Last Name
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Street Address
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Telephone Email
Birth Date
Check Weeks of Participation

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June 21 to June 27, 2020
June 28 to July 4, 2020
No week three in 2020

Payment Information:

A non-refundable down payment of $500.00 is required to obtain a project slot. Without a down payment, which should accompany one’s registration information, one does not have an assured project slot or room assignment. Half of the total costs must be paid by Feb. 1 and all of the costs paid by April 1.

No refunds will be available after May 15. Usually, everyone shares a room with one other project person.

If, however, one requests a single room, an effort will be made to honor single room requests. If there is such a room, a single person in a room will pay an additional $350.00 per week. However, a single room request plus payment is not guaranteed. 

New volunteers pay $1770 per week: returning volunteers pay $1670 per week. A single person room is $350 extra per week.   

Make checks payable to
Pompeii Food and Drink

Mail the check to:
Pompeii Food and Drink
12524 Knowledge Lane
Bowie, MD 20715 USA

The Pompeii Food and Drink Project reserves the right to reject any applicant we believe will not be able to make a positive contribution to the work of the project.

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